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Visit these sites to hear some of my music and get to know me. Some are just sites with youtube songs on them some are faucets for bitcoin and some are traffic exchanges that you can get web traffic to your websites daily for free. I am working on all of them and need more money for design so go ahead and Paypal. com me with any donations. Subscribe to my You Tube and like and comment on every thing.

 Bitcoin-Sol Enter Solomon Save Solomon Rain Rap Music
Rin Chainsaw Dream-Coop Dream-Hits Deamon Surf
Frog Splash Hog Faucet Traviss Ribbet Hog


You Tube Video - White Free Style Rappers


You Tube Video - White Free Style Rappers

Bitcoin - Faucet

Ethereum - Faucet Litecoin - Faucet Dogecoin - Faucet

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