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  Hog Sludge is my new site for youtube songs and links to all my sites. You can visit my you tube at https://www.YouTube.com/c/RainRapMusic . I am a freestyle rapper known as T-Rain From Tacoma. I have been dinging all my life so I got into rapping during high school and never looked back. I am really trying to make money so visit often and subscribe to my youtube and like everything. I am homeless and live in a group home in Tacoma Washington and need to get a pay day as soon as possible. Please search me on the web for free songs and other info that you can find like searching my name on Google.COM by searching Traviss Solomon or Traviss Moreau.


  I take donations at Pay Pal on the email Mindwaste@gmail.com so click the link and donate a few dollars to a struggling artist. I have no money and only get paid 70 bucks a month which is not enough to get by with  how much things cost now a days. Hog Sludge is a new forum to which I can make a bit of cash if you visit often and get out my music to lots of listeners and get on with making money fast. I have many sites which are listed on the Links page found at the top of the site.


You Tube Video - White Free Style Rappers


You Tube Video - White Free Style Rappers


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